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Spring into Health!

Spring is Around the Corner!

This means more sun, longer days, allergies and spring
cleaning. Here are some tips to make the most out of your spring.

Kickstart Your Health:

Wake Up Early to Exercise
Make the most of these long days. The sun is rising earlier and the mornings are
warming up. Working out before work adds clarity and energy to your day.

Organize the Fridge and Cabinets
Go through and remove any processed or sugary foods to jumpstart healthier eating.
Replace the empty space with vegetables, fruits, nuts, and lean meats.

Outdoor Movement:

Use equipment on both sides of your body.

Proper Lifting
Don’t bend at your back! Protect your spine and lift with your hips and knees.

Take Breaks
Even though the work does not seem especially difficult, you are using muscles in ways
That you haven’t used in months. Take it slow!

Allergy defense:

Cold and Caffeine
Cold compresses and caffeine can be soothing to puffy irritated eyes.

Studies show that butterbur works as well as over the counter anti-histamines. Take as
directed or instructed by your physician.

Keep Your House Allergen Free
Keep your windows closed and at first limit outdoor pets to certain rooms so they don’t
bring in any unwanted allergen.

Raw, local honey can have antibodies to pollen according to some studies.

Clean Your Nose
Use a neti-pot to clean out your nasal cavity. This will lower the inflammation in your
nose and help prevent runny noses.

Make Your Diet Fight on Your Side

Grains, sugar and processed foods cause inflammation in the whole body. This means
when your body tries to fight off allergens it mounts an all-out war. Making your allergy
symptoms worse. Anti-inflammatory foods will reduce your symptoms. Some beneficial
foods are nuts, fish, greens, citrus fruits, red grapes and apples. Go organic and wild
caught when you can!

Spring Cleaning:

Toxic Cleaners
Cleaning is a great way to start the season. But, many popular cleaners have harmful
chemicals in them. These chemicals can simulate allergy symptoms or exacerbate allergy
symptoms. Get rid of the cleaners that have these common ingredients: sodium
hypochlorite, butyl cellosolve, nitrobenzene and thirourea.


Dr. Dustin DebRoy