Scar Needling

Scar Needling with Dr. Chris Rago

What are we needling and why?

“We treat the scars of post surgical injuries in order to create hydration as well as create elasticity. We do this by needling around the area. The acupuncture around the scar helps bring stem cells to the area. This helps produce healthy and fresh collagen cells. They become elastic in nature so that way the inhesion of the scars itself don’t create discomfort by catching little branches of nerves and other fascial planes.

We will do some electro-acupuncture with high frequency. Hence, the electricity is coming a little faster. It has a great affect on ligamentous and tendons tissue because it has an irritating factor to it. It helps to promote blood flow. as you can see where the needles are under the skin, they criss cross and overlap the whole scar.” 

– Dr. Chris Rago

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Dr. Chris Rago