Are You Managing Your Concussions Properly?

 Greenwich Sports Medicine – The New Standard in Concussion Care

What sets our concussion baseline and management apart from others?

Most physicians perform a concussion baseline test using only one method; an ImPACT test. What’s the problem with this? The rest of the brain remains untested and untreated because of this. Concussions, consequently, also have a higher chance of going undetected because of this.

Concussions leave long lasting symptoms and complications because of improper treatment. As a result, they can affect several aspects of the brain. Therefore, having your injury go untreated can certainly be detrimental to your recovery.

So, what do we do instead?

First of all, at Greenwich Sports Medicine we utilize eight different tests. Rather than just testing one area of the brain, we take it up a notch. Far too many concussions go undiagnosed/improperly treated because of this method. Our doctors take it to the next level. As Chiropractors, we also asses the muscles around the neck. Why? Because when you get a concussion, almost all get whiplash. When seeing a traditional doctor they are unable to do this. These muscles are responsible for concussion symptoms. We also provide a neurological exam because the symptoms can also be picked up that way, too. It is most noteworthy to know that our doctors leave no stones unturned in this set of testing.

This allows for an accurate diagnosis, guides effective treatment strategies and allows for a faster recovery, return-to-play process, and decreases long lasting effects.


– Neurocognitive assessment.
– 20 minute duration.
– Can be done at the office and home.
King-Devick Test
– Assess rapid eye movement, attention and language function.
Short-term recall memory.
– Assesses capacity for holding and manipulating small amounts of information.
Long-term recall memory
– Assesses the ability to store information that happened minutes before.
Force Plate Balance assessment
-Assess balance, postural control, and center of pressure.
Vestibular Assessment
– Assesses the inner ears involvement in symptoms.
– Assess strength in areas that become weak with a concussion.
Reaction time
-Assesses the response time to a particular stimulus.
Musculoskeletal Evaluation
– Evaluating muscles that are involved with a concussion that exacerbate symptoms.
Neurological Exam
– Evaluation of the brain and nervous system.

$150 for 6 or more.

A baseline on an individual athlete takes 30 minutes. We offer baseline testing for teams! Bring in your teams of six or more for an hour baseline test. To learn more about our Complete Concussion Management program, please contact us at (203)-531-3131.

We look forward to working with you to instill safety in sports!