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Biomechanics Lab At Greenwich Sports Medicine

Introducing Our New Clinical Biomechanics Lab At Greenwich Sports Medicine

We are beyond excited to introduce our newest addition here at Greenwich Sports Medicine; our new state-of-the-art biomechanics lab from Noraxon. This lab will give us the opportunity to measure and gather real-time, high-quality data. Treatment plans will make rehabilitation, return-to-play, and high-performance more precise because of this data.

Having access to research-grade testing including sEMG (muscle testing), dual force plate analysis, joint capture data, and a pressure-plate treadmill now makes us one of only a handful of clinics in the country to provide patients with this technology.

What Can We Measure?

With this new technology we are able to measure and test a number of sports-specific movements which will aid in not only treating our patients, but assisting in performance as well as injury prevention. We will be implementing the following testing protocols into our evaluation process:

➢ Running Gait Analysis ➢ Cycling Analysis
➢ Neuromuscular Function ➢ ACL Return-To-Play

➢ Movement Pattern Assessments (Squat, Jumps, Cutting, etc.)

We will also be utilizing this data for biofeedback training with patients. This will be beneficial for gait retraining as well as neuromuscular training in postoperative patients and more.

Who Could Benefit From The Lab?

Because of our lab, we will be able to see sport-specific data. We will be able to see things such as, how muscles are firing, how force is being generated, and how joints are operating under load, all of which will guide our treatment plans and help to assist trainers, coaches, and parents in decision making.

Patients that can benefit from this data include:

  • ➢  Athletes looking to enhance performance by fine-tuning biomechanics and force production via our full gait analysis software, sEMG, joint capture capabilities, and dual force plate assessment.
  • ➢  Those looking to return-to-play following injury/surgery such as ACL repair, labral surgeries, or rotator cuff repair, by assessing symmetry, power, force, and fatigue
  • ➢  Runners wanting full gait analysis utilizing our research-grade pressure plate treadmill
  • ➢  Cyclists hoping to improve performance/decrease injury risk by getting feedback on their positioning
  • ➢  Chronic pain patients by assessing muscle recruitment and static/dynamic movement

The data our new lab provides will help take recovery and performance to the next level. allowing us visualize and objectively measure movement and activity that is not possible with the human eye.

From the Noraxon website :

This new addition to the office is expected to be a game-changer in sports medicine. We will observe, measure, treat, and rehab patients like never before. This will add to our expertise and continue to make us the leader in our field.

Interested in more information regarding our new Biomechanics Lab? Please call the Greenwich office at 203-531-3131today!

Alex Svac